pocztowkiHappy Childhood Foundation has been carrying out activities for education children and youth, for almost 30 years. Our mission is to educate a well-behaved and prepared people for life - a man of strong faith, a conscious patriot and citizen, effective in the social and economic activities.

In a number of ongoing programs and conducted Centres, under the care we have permanently over 1000 pupils. We run two daily support centers in which children develop their talents and passions in preparation for adult life under the eye of true educators. We set up the Academy of Youth (Akademia Młodzieżowa) - an organization and educational program, which aims to prepare young people for service to God and homeland. Through attractive program, acquiring practical skills and spiritual development of young people preparing for a responsible and creative work in adult life. Youth who operates under the Academy of Television (Telewizja AM), runs its own network of AM and Youth Theatre (Teatry Akademii Młodzieżowej).

We also provide comprehensive support to the process of education of young people in secondary public schools. In many institutions in the Province of Lublin we implement the program of the Crown Polish Education (Korona Polskiego Wychowania), whose effect is to increase motivation for learning and discipline in students. Through workshops and educational activities carried out in schools and in our Center for Good Education (Centrum Dobrego Wychowania), we support the education and development of young generation. We have also prepared a special program of educational Pearl in the Crown (Perły w Koronie), which is aimed at Polish schools abroad.

We also run a number of training courses leading to a teaching staff. We prepare professional educators who will be able to meet today's challenges and civilization to successfully lead their pupils to comprehensive development.